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8-9 maggio 2014: International conference "Unfinished Transition: South Africa Twenty Years After the End of Apartheid" - Call for papers (deadline 31/12/2013).


The activities of the Departmental Centre for Historical and Political Studies on Africa and Middle East :

18 October 2013:  "State, Land and Democracy in Southern Africa", international conference.

24 January 2013: “The war in Siria. The social and regional dimensions of the conflict”, seminar with Samir Aita, Le Monde Diplomatique.

20 November 2012: “Sub-Saharan Africa - EU relations: International security and the fight against poverty”, international seminar.

20 September 2012: “Structures and models of democracy building in post-colonial Africa: historical continuities and breaks”, panel organized for the African Studies Conference, University of Pavia, Italy.

14 giugno 2012: “Global values, national citizenship and local belonging: Sub-Saharan Africa in historical perspective”, panel presentato all’VIII Conferenza Iberica di Studi Africani, Madrid.

30 November - 1 December 2011: "Subjects or Citizens? HIV/AIDS and Rural Communities in Southern Africa", International Conference.

17 June 2011: “Empowerment, Decentralization and Poverty. The Role of Local Communities in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in East and Southern Africa”, panel organized for the 4th AEGIS European Conference on African Studies, Uppsala.

21-22 January 2011: "Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s: Crises, Conflicts and Transformations", International Conference.

12 November 2010: "Rural development and poverty reduction in Ethiopia: strategies and policies" - Giorgio Mizzau International Workshop.

23 October 2009: "Resources and security in sub-saharan Africa: competing on the control and exploitation of oil resources", seminar, prof. Gary Littlejohn, University of Bradford.

5 June 2009: "Transitions in Central and Southern Africa. Democratisation, Populism and Power Politics in Southern Africa", panel organized for the 3rd AEGIS European Conference on African Studies, Leipzig, in collaboration with University of Sheffield and Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, Uppsala.

4 June 2009: "Disciplining Nature. Continuity and Change in Land and Environment Conservation Policies in sub-Saharan Africa", panel organized for the 3rd AEGIS European Conference on African Studies, Leipzig.

13 March 2009: "Understanding Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: Alternative Theories and Practices", international conference organized within the Research Project co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR-PRIN 2006).

11 March 2009: "Between Authoritarianism and Democratization: The Challenges of a Transition Process in Zimbabwe", lecture, prof. Lloyd Sachikonye, Institute for Development Studies, University of Zimbabwe. This lecture was held at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna.

12 November 2008: "The USSR and Southern Africa during the Cold War", lecture, prof. Vladimir Shubin, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Science.

9 May 2008: "AIDS, Poverty and Democracy in Africa", international conference.

19 September 2007: "Rural Communities, Systems of Authority and Natural Resources. From Colonial Reforms to Processes of Decentralisation in Contemporary Southern Africa" panel organized for Cantieri di Storia IV, Italian Society for teh Study of Contemporary History, Marsala.

11-14 July 2007: "Decentralising Power and Natural Resource Control: Responses and Perspectives", panel organized for the AEGIS European Conference on African Studies, Leiden.

2 April 2007: "Myth and Reality: Unpacking Chinese-African Relations", lecture, prof. Chris Alden, London School of Economics.

5 May 2006: "Competing Rights. Development, Governance and Access to Natural Resources in Africa", international conference.

21 October 2005: "The West and Africa. Democracy and Nationalism from the First to the Second Transition", international conference.

22-24 September 2005: "Nation-State and Nationalist Movements in Post-Colonial Southern Africa", panel organized for Cantieri di Storia III, Italian Society for teh Study of Contemporary History, Bologna
7 March 2005: "Frantz Fanon's Legacy in Postcolonial Africa", lecture, prof. Nigel Gibson, Brown University.

28 February 2005: "People, Local Governance and Natural Resource Management in Eastern and Southern Africa", international conference organized at the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Department of Geography, King's College London.

7-8 May 2004: "Latin America, the Balkans, Middle East and Africa. Legitimacy and Consensus, Crisis of the State and Political Transitions", international conference.

3 December 2003: "Land and Politics in Zimbabwe", lecture, prof. Lloyd Sachikonye, University of Zimbabwe.