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Convegno Internazionale "The state of the art of Co-creation/Co-Production Research in EU"

Co-creation: theoretical issues and empirical research dilemmas. Views from inside: the Cosie Project Approach to Co-creation

30/01/2019 dalle 09:30 alle 13:30

Dove Aula Poeti, Palazzo Hercolani, Strada maggiore 45, Bologna

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Co-creation of Service Innovation in Europe

The CoSIE project states that public service innovations can be achieved by creating collaborative partnerships between service providers and service beneficiaries. During the implementation of CoSIE, the collaborative partners will test and develop the diverse methods of co-creation in the field of public services.

The CoSIE partners will actively search for new ways to use digital tools and open data in order to enable the co-creation of services. With innovative practices the project aims to improve the inclusion of all citizens and to promote their possibilities to act as active members of the society. The co-creation process in this particular project consists of nine individual (but interlinked) pilots. Each pilot has different target groups, service needs and local settings.



Andrea Bassi, Riccardo Prandini, Taco Brandsen, Jari Stenvall, Inga Narbutaite Aflaki, Susan Banes, Caroline Marsh, Michael Willoughby, Rob Wilson, Zsolt Bugarszki;


A cura di: Andrea Bassi


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