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Convegno "Cooperation and Contestation in World Politics"

dal 28/06/2017 alle 09:00 al 30/06/2017 alle 17:00

Dove Palazzo Hercolani, Strada Maggiore 45 Bologna

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Convegno organizzato in collaborazione con ISA-CISS

A cura di Stefano Bianchini

The conference will critically examine the interplay between conflict and cooperation in key issue areas of world affairs. More specifically, it will analyze and assess the factors that are relevant to our understanding of how state and non-state entities cooperate and compete in their efforts to address challenges and advance or undermine resolutions to problems of common concern. The organizers welcome the exploration of these issues from a variety of perspectives (security studies, international law, philosophy, economics, organization theory, human rights, critical theory, and religious studies) and invite interdisciplinary proposals employing various conceptual and methodological approaches. All types of submissions (individual papers, panel proposals, and roundtables) are welcome. Panel and roundtable proposals must include at least three papers, a chair and a discussant (the chair may also serve either as a paper presenter or as a discussant). Proposals may address a broad range of issues including, but not limited, to:  Contending approaches to understandings of cooperation and conflict; Role of state and non-state actors;  The manifestations and effects of legalization; The legacy of colonialism and the post-colonial experience; The strengths and limitations of democratic peace theory;  Challenges in addressing traditional and non-traditional threats;  Secular v. religious approaches to conflict resolution;  Development assistance and its limitations;  Rethinking cooperation and conflict in the world of ICTs;  Pluralism and Monism in World Politics;  The continuing relevance of Diplomacy;  The Art(s) of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution;  Affect and Global Conflict;  Justice v. Order in the world community.

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