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Human Rights as a Horizontal Issue in EU External Policy / Les droits de l’homme comme domaine horizontal de la politique extérieure de l’Union européenne

International Winter School / Université d’hiver international 9-13 January / janvier 2017
N. Belayeva - N. Tocci - M. Balboni - 9 January
MEP B. Lochbihler - N. Belayeva - 10 January
G. Macaj and the class - 10 January
R. Tiniere - 11 January
M. Afroukh - 11 January
All at work - 12 January
Russian session - 12 January
N. Belayeva - C. Kyenghe - M. Balboni - 13 January
Discussions continued after class..

Winter School “Human Rights as a Horizontal Issue in EU External Policy”, 9-13 January 2017, School of Political Science – Forli’ campus.


The Winter School “Human Rights as a Horizontal Issue in EU External Policy” took place at the School of Political Science – Forlì campus from the 9th to the 13th of January 2017. Being directed by Prof. Balboni with the collaboration of dr. Carmelo Danisi, the program was joinly organised by the Department of Social and Political Science, the Fondation Renee Cassin - Institut International des Droits de l’Hommes (Strasbourg) and the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).


More than 60 participants from 20 different countries took part to event making the Winter School an insightful scientific experience for lecturers and students. Some moments of the School are available below.


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